So many things have happened…

They’re mostly boring, though.

But is anyone else in love with their ball winder? I’m in the midst of buying a house so I’m also packing up all my shit and omg turning everything into cakes means so many fewer tangles later!

And, why yes, I am drinking while I do this.

Oh, because you may have read my most previous post: I’ve got a few smaller, rug thickness blankets made up. But I’ve decided that it’s almost actual summer here in Arizona… so I’m going to put the rugs I’m making in bags with a couple water bottles and any cheap (but safe, not recalled) dog treats I can find and hand them out to the many panhandlers with doggos that I see. I’m also going to hit up as many discount and dollar stores as I can to find umbrellas for shade. It’s hard to admit, but I definitely care more about dogs I see with my own eyes than any others, and I want to help them have the best lives available to them. Every one of those puppers loves their human, and if I can help their human return that love I will.


2018 resolution?

We’re going to be buying a (first!) house this spring, so I want to destash my craft supplies, especially the yarn. 

At first I was thinking I could make and give away a shitload of kitty hats (45 minutes to make means a lot of stuff gone very quickly) but then I saw a link to so maybe I’ll start making blankets for shelters! 

Helper cat helps

My team at work is embroiled in some sort of dramatic Christmas decorating contest with another team. There are big plans afoot, but the only thing I’m really excited about is that on the day of the judging we’re going to make everyone at work cocoa and peppermint tea and such while wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and goofy elf hats. Miss Roxie there is making sure that hat she’s on will be warm enough by adding a layer of fur.

I’m going to save photos of the finished hats for when all ~20 are done. X.x

A new project!

I have so many works in progress that I have been trying really hard not to start new ones. But here I am anyway, lol.

This is one of my absolute favorite yarns to work with, and in my favorite colorway! I used it years ago for some of my kitty hats and then couldn’t find it again for the longest time. Turns out that they just don’t carry it at Joann, and maybe only exclusively at Michael’s (I didn’t check that out, I’m lazy.) Since Michael’s generally has a really small yarn section I didn’t think to look there until I went down the aisle out of habit during a trip to get embroidery thread. 

I wanted something really simple to work on this weekend while re-binging all of Stranger Things, and this type of scarf is pretty much the simplest thing, ever. 

Rough weekend.

Today’s not better than yesterday, except that I haven’t put on pants because I haven’t left my apartment, and that’s always pretty sweet.

I did end up crocheting something last night, but today my hand can’t take it so I’ll have to finish it another time.

The craft show at work might not be a good idea for me. I don’t want to hurt myself just because I’m bummed and need something to keep me occupied. So today I’ve been doing, ugh, housework. And made nacho cheese sauce because I needed nachos. Now that the weather isn’t crazy hot anymore I should probably start going out walking or something, but ugh, exercise, hahaha. 

I’m having a rough day.

You know those days where you feel like shit and you don’t want to tell anyone why because it’s a stupid fucking reason and you don’t want anyone to know how small and petty your soul is? 

Dude, that was almost entirely derailed by finding a $50 bill under my clock radio while dusting just now. 

I still feel like crying over how even with the things I’m good at I’m not THAT good because that’s got my self-worth meter deep into the negative numbers tonight, but $50!