Sewing is my crack.

I made my very first wearable skirt when I was eleven years old. It was crap, but I had to be talked out of wearing it to school. Skirts will always probably be my favorite thing to make.


Every once in a while I need something new to do so that I don’t kill myself from boredom – or turn one of my most pleasurable activities into a chore.

This is why I’m going to learn to make rompers.

I don’t even particularly like rompers. They remind me of something you’d see in an episode of Three’s Company. (And when it comes to 70s fashion I am all about Mary Richards and Rhoda Morganstern.) But they’re hot right now, I need to get better at both shorts and tops, and I frankly look really cute in them so the fact that I’m currently my only model isn’t going to be a problem.

A couple of cute (and inexpensive) fabrics in my stash seem to lend themselves to this type of garment and on the heels of my success at making something wearable out of strips of plastic I’m pretty confident in my ability to pull this off well.


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