’tis the season…

At least here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s coming up on summer. Most of us are desperately planning exercise we won’t get around to and diets that we’ll cheat on. And all because we want to look good in our bathing suits.

The designer at Vamos! Swim used to be roommates with my bff. She has since moved back to Hawaii and makes awesome bikinis. I had her custom make me one since I’m planning to sew and sell more beach cover-ups this year and want something cute to wear in the photos. And I love it.  I love it so much I’m planning to go get a Brazilian. x.X Ouch. Also, LATE TMI WARNING!

Erica is as good at sewing as any sweatshop kid in a third-world nation, makes many limited-run and one-of-a-kind bikinis, uses designs original to her, and generally kicks ass.

So get back on the treadmill, eat your salad (with no dressing!) and buy yourself something to show your body off in.

And gentlemen, she makes trunks for dudes.


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