Ugh, more time management crap…

I went out with coworkers this afternoon. And evening. Also my sort-of-boss who I told I would drink beer out of her tits. I meant her cleavage! Where she was hiding her beer from me! Tomorrow is going to be weird, isn’t it?

Nothing I need to do for my business got done today. I’m still trying to get all the figures I need to send in my tax return without filing for an extension. (Schedule C can kiss my butt, seriously.) There are still items I have finished that aren’t in my shop. And I have a half made romper that I’d love to finish sometime soon.

On the other hand, I work with cute young women who need cute clothes to wear out. I have one coworker who is going to draw up what she wants and have me make her something to wear for an event. I got to hand out a few of my cards. Word-of-mouth advertising is great, and custom work is easier when they can just drive the couple blocks from work to my apartment and have a real fitting. So the time wasn’t wasted.


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