Patting myself on the back! :D

This week I’ve managed to get my new shop stocked with over 50 items. It would be over 60 were it not for the 6 skirts that sold. So that is pretty freaking cool.

I’ve kept up with this blog. And holy crow it is hard for me to keep up with anything I’ve got to do on a schedule!

Today I actually wore something I made to work.  Here’s the photo I used to sell a skirt just like it. I wore the shirt and hoodie too, but went with sandals.  What good is it for the girls at work to know I make stuff if they’ve never seen how freakin’ cute it all is?

Besides working, I’m not sure what else I’ve done. I had an appointment on Tuesday to talk to my doctor about my insomnia. That’s probably one of the reasons I have no idea what I’ve been up to, lol. I have lovely new medication. I’ve been trying it at about 1/4 of the usual dosage (I’m a low-dose-responder as well as being quite a bit under the weight they base the “usual” dose strength on) and I’m still having problems so I’ll be bumping it up to 1/2 dose tonight. Cross your fingers for me!

I haven’t gotten as much done overall as I would have liked, but everything counts and I’ve been pretty good about not wasting time and just keeping everything productive in some way. Even the parts where I goofed off a bit, haha!

tl;dr version: I’m great, you should be jealous of my work ethic.


4 thoughts on “Patting myself on the back! :D

    • Haha I’m not surprised that you’re the first/only commenter. The caution tape thing IS pretty cool. I still have almost half the roll left. I really need to make something else with it.

    • It’s tempting. I bet I could go a lot faster now that I know what I’m doing. And I’d do something different with the beads and such so it wouldn’t be such a pain in the… well, hands actually.

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