Oh taxes, how I hate thee…

I get to (have to) report my sales tax figures monthly. This would be awesome if I ever did it. Instead I wind up spending about 6 hours adding up crap that it would have taken me about 15 minutes a month to deal with – half the time in total. Because I hate gathering the information and doing the arithmetic I put it off and put it off until I really need to get it done so I can file my income taxes on time.

And aren’t those just a joy and ray of sunshine. I’m one of the “lucky” ones that gets a pretty sizable refund. Grand total, I’m getting just over $4,100 back. When added to the whopping $21,000 I made last year it brings me up to… still less than I made in 2009. And instead of having that cash to spend when I needed it I’ve had to wait to attend to things like a broken filling that has since turned into a broken tooth. Or the car registration I’ll now need to pay late fees on. (These were both issues that came up before my W-2s turned up in the mail.)

Apart from the pity party aside there, my main point is that I wish it were easier to figure out my self employment taxes. Most of my procrastination is down to the interminable adding and subtracting and combing through of records I have to deal with. Filling out the parts from my day job is no problem. Even the crap for my one week of unemployment benefits and 1099-INT from cashing in a savings bond I was gifted in the 70s took just a few minutes.

Maybe my goal should be to make enough to pay a book-keeper to go through all my business figures once a month so I can skip the stuff I don’t like.

…I feel dumb for not thinking of that before.


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