I need to get moving on these projects…

I still haven’t done squat on those cute cute cute rompers I’m making. I’ve sewn the top pieces together and the shorts together but I still need to press and pin and combine it all then deal with hemming and elastic and I could probably actually do it in less time than it takes to sit here and complain, hahaha!

I haven’t made anything lolita in far too long. And it’s that time of year when there are meetups and conventions and tax refunds. The buyers are out there, but I have almost nothing to sell them. I have gorgeous fabric that cries out to be made into a ruffled skirt. I have trim that would look so so good with it. Once I finish with these rompers I think that’s what I’ve got to do next.

There are also a bunch of half-finished Tinkerbell half-aprons that I was working on when my sewing machine broke at the end of last year. I never got around to finishing them and that’s not cool. They won’t even take long to finish.

I should also be working on more hats. I need to draw up some sort of plan for balancing what I’m working on so none of my shops get neglected.


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