Happy Monday!

Or as happy as you can be about it, right?

Today I’m going to show you one of the ways you can stalk me (and any Etsy seller) online!

At CraftCult.com they have a wonderful tool called the Heart-O-Matic. You can plug in anybody’s Etsy username and see how many people have viewed their items and who has marked the shop or items as a favorite. a

This is all information available on Etsy. But this is already collated and they display it in a much more useful way. I mostly use it to see how my stuff is doing, but I’ve used it to see what’s up with a few of the sellers that do similar products. When people get significantly more views I like to check the titles, tags, and descriptions to see if there’s something I could be doing differently.

As promised, here’s where to go to see mine:


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