I need to stop being so cheap.

One of the problems I face with my business is that I make clothes. Clothes that have to be modeled. I am my only model. I am way too small to be modeling clothes that I market to fuller figured girls.

So I need new models. I’m pretty sure I can convince my friends the twins to help me out some. (Especially since at least one of them likes my work.) They’re a little shorter than me but have actual figures which I think would be comforting to Lolitas that also have actual figures. Unlike me. I also know some plus sized ladies in the community, and will hopefully be able to purchase a nice little table and chairs for my patio so there’s a set for a photo shoot… Hell I’d love to have some of the little ones if they want to come play, too. And I would pay in sandwiches and product, lol.

I just got my state tax refund and am expecting my federal one on this coming Friday. So if I can figure out exactly what it is that I want to invest in, I need to start doing it.


One thought on “I need to stop being so cheap.

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