A real how-to from me. :D

Instead of links, this time I’m going to show you an actual tutorial on how to make an actual thing. But first, a long-winded and rather boring explanation! Lucky you!

I recently moved into an apartment after a few years renting a house with my long-time friend K. As we weren’t exactly planning to live together for the rest of our lives we didn’t really bother much with furniture, using hand-me-downs and cheap but serviceable things we wouldn’t be sad to get rid of when we finally grew up for real.

Upon sorting out who owned what it turned out that I have a couch and some shelves and that’s it for furniture in my living room. So I need to get a coffee table. The thing is they’re actually rather expensive. Even ugly ones. I don’t want to get some press-board piece of crap that I have to put together myself and will fall apart because I like to put my feet on things so that raises the price even more. I’m willing to shell out some money for a thing I will use every day but I’m broke.

In my new apartment we have a storage closet outside where I have stashed our broken-down boxes so I don’t have to find new ones when we inevitably have to pack up again. In order to maximize storage space I experimented with ways to put small things into large things and accidentally stumbled upon a way to turn cardboard boxes into sturdy little makeshift tables.

Step 1:

Wander around the office at work letting people that you would like dibs on any copy paper boxes they empty.  Unless you’re a dick most people will be willing to help you out.

You will need two boxes per “table” you are going to build.

Step 2:

Lovely empty boxes! Pull off the lids. If you’re like me and have a crapload of stuff you can’t throw out but don’t have room for put some of it in here. I have one full of stuffed toys and one filled with bubble wrap and packing tape. I took my cue from the storage ottomans I thought were ugly at all the furniture stores.

Step 3:

Lay one of the lids down and fit one of the boxes into it turned on its end. Make sure the bottom of the box is turned to the outside.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. I’ll spell it out for you anyhow, since I have more photos.

Step 4:

Put the second box in, also with the bottom facing outward.

Fit the lid on over the boxes.

That’s pretty much it. They’ll do until I can find something better. And then I can just put them in the storage closet.


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