I still use a computer from 2002.

What can I say? I don’t have the money or desire to get the latest Photoshop. 7.0 is more than adequate for my needs and the OS on my poor old iMac Indigo is the last one that supports the application. No matter what other computers I end up with, I’ll stick with my ancient desktop for photo editing.

I’m currently on my brother’s old Sony Vaio that he gave me for Xmas. I am blogging instead of editing photos of the aprons I finished up yesterday because my iMac has very little RAM and a newly developed tendency to overheat. Menopause, maybe? Hot flashes and memory issues, lol.

I hope to have the time to get it done later this evening.

Another one of my items has been featured in a treasury with the most wonderful name of Bathing Naked Fairies in Unicorn Tears and I’m loving that.

A friend has decided that I need to add “make wallets” to my list of things to do. And I pretty much do whatever she tells me that doesn’t involve shaving my kid’s head except for an area in the shape of a gerbil. (Would that be considered a gerbil-hawk or some form of mullet?)

I’m excited that almost everything I’ve made is currently up and for sale in my shop. I’d be more excited if I was selling more of it, but that will come. I’m antsy to start working on new projects but it’s satisfying to finish up all the old ones.


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