Finding a way to have a profitable business while still working full time and trying to parent and maybe even have a little bit of a social life is actually just about exactly as hard as it sounds.

I’ve managed to actually make (a little) money at what I do every year since I started. That’s likely because I don’t have a lot of expenses and I’m really cheap so I look for deals on everything. Being insanely talented is also part of it (hahaha) but that just means I make things worth buying – frugality makes sure that those things are worth buying for more than the materials cost me.

While it’s awesome that I’m not operating in the red, the downside is that this is what I do with my “free time.” I do enjoy it, and it gives me an excuse not to go to the bars with the rest of the people my age, but I really need to find a way to start turning a more serious profit to make it worth spending what’s left of my youth on it. I’m spending my sexual peak in front of a sewing machine. :/


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