Money Money Money

My sewing machine crapped itself. For the second time in the past year.

Now I’ve had this machine since well before I moved here to Arizona. I moved out here in 2007, I think I got this machine in 2005. It’s a Shark. It cost me something ridiculously cheap on sale at Target. It’s only the 3rd or 4th time it’s needed servicing, but that would still bring the total cost of repairs to more than I originally paid for the thing.

So I went about pricing new sewing machines. And, because I do this every year or so anyway, I priced embroidery machines and fantasized about finally buying one.

To my surprise, I found a pretty decent sewing/embroidery combination machine on And it cost less than I’d anticipated having to spend, only $600 including shipping. But because I’m a cheapskate I decided to look and see if I could find the same machine for less. Not only was it cheaper at, but when I looked at the specs more closely on the Brother website I realized that it was basically the same as a much cheaper model that didn’t come with the “Project Runway” rolling bag. Stupid special edition bullshit. So I ended up paying $363.54 for an embroidery machine that also sews and comes with a bunch of designs but can also connect to my computer and import my own designs.

Even with this expense and my trip and my having to fly my son home from my parents’ house in time for school… I just verified that all my bill payments cleared and I’ve still got enough money to live for the rest of the month and pay the bills at the start of August. And I’ve still got both my July paychecks to look forward to.

It’s maybe the first time in my adult life I haven’t been actively worried about my money. Sort of an incredibly strange feeling.


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