Wait, what?

I actually stayed on budget for my trip to NYC last weekend, so I’m seriously pleased with myself.

This means that I can afford to do things like pay the bills, buy groceries, and clothe my son for the coming school year.

I now have an embroidery machine, which joins my screen printing machine in the land of How Do I Use It? for the moment. Well, actually the machine itself seems pretty simple. It’s just that I don’t want to use the (copyright protected) designs that come with the machine, I want to use my own designs. Unfortunately, I have to make up my own designs for that to work. And to make up my own designs I have to have the proper software. I found some free embroidery design software and installed it. I am now trying to read the manual, which was written in Argentina and is therefore a little sketchy with the English language. I’m hopeful, though. I don’t usually use vector-based design tools but I’m not entirely stupid so I should be able to figure out (or look up) what I’m supposed to be doing.

My son is coming home tomorrow, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to be even less productive (if that’s possible) for a while.

However, my visit went really well in New York. Not to get super personal, but I was visiting my best friend… who I used to date. And who I hadn’t seen in over 2 years. But things weren’t awkward or weird, and it was a really fun time. I told you that to tell you this: we’re going to be visiting each other as often as we can now that we know it’s cool so I need to start making more money so I can afford it. Also, and this is only a possibility for further down the road, I may eventually want to move out there. And I’d need to have a pretty big cushion to feel secure making a move like that.

I’m hoping that the ability to add original graphic prints and embroidery to my garments will help to increase the value enough to pay for what I spent on the equipment at least.


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