Wow, I actually sold some stuff this week!

Sadly, I don’t sell nearly as much as I’d like to. Or nearly as much as I feel like I deserve to, lol!

Part of this is that I don’t have the budget for advertising, the time for much marketing, or the desire to give up other things (like sleep, or exercise, or time with my kid) in order to make this business more profitable. Everything I’ve ever read on the subject makes it clear that a person has to make some sacrifices in order to get their business off the ground but at this time in my life there are some things that I just can’t give up. I’m playing the single-parent card here; I do not have the kind of support structure that would enable me to spend still less time with my son than I already do.

As mentioned last week, I’m really hoping that the embroidery machine and Yudu will help increase my profits, and maybe even the number of sales. Cooler stuff should equal more sales, right? And higher prices. Jeez, I hope so. The school my kid is going to this year has no uniforms, so I’m going to have to spend money on school clothes for him. Booooooo!


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