No really, I’m totally going to get around to it.

I need to get these skirts ironed and photographed and listed.

Last weekend I actually went out and bought a tripod for my camera. So that will be fun to play with. Right now I should be ironing. Then I have to go clean the patio so I can get some good shots in natural light.

Not how I want to spend a weekend morning!

I don’t get to have fun this afternoon, either. Tomorrow is my son’s first day of school. He is largely unprepared. The summer reading assignment might be finished, I know he was working on it yesterday, but he needs to organize his school supplies into his backpack and figure out what he’s going to use for gym clothes (it’s an elective and changing is optional wth?) and etc.

Edit: Skirts are ironed! Patio is done! Now I’m just waiting for my hair to dry (looks better that way, and I needed a shower after the patio ugh) so I can get these pics taken!


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