Art is masturbation.

At the end of the book Misery by Stephen King the protagonist Paul Sheldon decides not to write an account of his ordeal because, as a novelist, he suspects that he would novelize the story. Not to make himself look better or Annie Wilkes look worse but because he’s a writer of stories and the best stories have a quality of roundness, a tendency to come full circle, that is more pleasing to a reader than what real life delivers to us.

He says that “writing is already an act of auto-eroticism, God forbid it should become an act of auto-cannibalism.” (Or that might not be the exact quote, I’m too lazy to go find my copy of the book.)

I’ve told you all that to tell you this: more than half of what I see in craft forums, online marketplaces, swapmeets, deviantART, etc. is rule #34. We all want to believe that what we like is what everyone else likes (or should like) but it’s not true. Some of us are actually pretty fucked up. I think people who make shitty art/craft should go eat themselves.


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