Oh the holidays…

It’s time to start doing some serious stocking up for the Christmas season.

It’s also time for me to start thinking about how I’m going to handle holiday sales. I used to manually go through and change all the prices so that it would end up being a nice round number, but I’m hoping to have too much stock to make that time-effective.

Using the coupon codes on Etsy is of course convenient, but I’m not sure how to work it so that people actually see them. I know that not everyone looks at the shop “welcome” and if I’m going to have to add “use coupon code XYZ” to every listing then it would make just as much sense to change the price manually.

Maybe I should stop worrying that someone won’t see the code. After all, if I forget to bring my coupons to the store it’s not like they give me the discount anyway. And the extra money would definitely be a help. It would just be nice if prudent business ethics matched up with my personal ethics better.


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