I’m good at presents.

Actually, a lot of the stuff I make for people is so thoughtful that it’s kind of creepy and stalkerish. But if you can get past that, then my gifts are pretty freaking cool. Not psycho. Not psycho at all.

For my friend’s birthday I made him a photo collage, because he’s a photographer. He’d been showing me all his camera stuff but couldn’t find his Polaroid camera. This led to one of those thoughts you have when you’re almost asleep that a Polaroid photo of a Polaroid camera would be hilarious. Since I don’t have one Polaroid camera, let alone two, I wasn’t sure how I could get this. Then I realized that I could get a print of a photo of the camera and just fake the frame thing. See, I’m a smarty. Then I thought about how back in the day we all loved how Polaroids let you see immediately how the photo turned out, but we never retook the bad ones because the film was so damn expensive. With digital photos we can see that it’s bad and try again immediately. We still all end up with a lot of badly composed, crooked, blurry, drunk photos but at least it doesn’t cost as much. I’m telling this badly but the end of the story is I realized it could be neat to take a lot of really good pictures and turn them into kind of crappy “Polaroids” and then toss them all in a frame.

In the morning I still remembered the idea, so I decided to run with it. I mean, what else am I going to give someone I don’t really know well yet? >_> Gotta go with what I have, right?

Since this was a 25th birthday, I got the idea stuck in my head that there needed to be 25 photos. And once I get a dumb idea it’s hard to get rid of it.

So I turned on my creepy stalker mode and found a bunch of photos from his website and Facebook and got prints made. 

I’m awesome so I own a paper trimmer and all kinds of other fun fun sharp cutting tools. Not psycho at all. So I cut down all the photos to be sort of bad if I could, but that’s actually pretty hard. I thought I’d be better at making things crappy, lol.

“Linen” textured cardstock is enough like the white plastic border on Polaroids that I used it instead of, idk, finding some actual Polaroids to cannibalize. I thought of that, but where the hell would you go to find other people’s Polaroids?

(That’s the only photo I took for this project.)

I used a floating frame so that he could go in and rearrange or remove pictures as he saw fit (there was at least one he’d sent me privately that I figured he might not want to have up on his wall, lol) and I wouldn’t have to affix anything permanently.

Of course I didn’t remember to get a picture of it once it was in the frame, but that right there is the final placement of everything. I’m not really sure how much he liked it, he was really wasted when he opened it and drunk people love everything and everyone, but I think it’s pretty awesome.


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