Project #2 for the month: Landy + Unicorn = Landicorn

There’s this friend of mine who has, for reasons I’m not sure I understand, agreed to be dressed up like a unicorn. In public.

It’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be at a party. And it’s going to be because I am totally willing to spend my time and money embarrassing a grown-ass man.

The fabrics at left are what his beeYOOtiful cape will be made of. 

And because unicorns are so phallic, he will also be given a horn made of candy. Any and all will be encouraged to lick it, hahahahahahaha…

It’s going to be a big party full of DJs and ravers/former ravers. I suspect that a candy horn that tastes like “strawberries and giggles” will be well received.

Even though it’s at the home of my photog friend I will still be compelled to bring my camera and document this. Just because.

It’ll be awesome.


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