Good Idea/Bad Idea

I’ve decided to offer a new type of custom order to what I offer. By making it just a matter of choosing a hat (that is already in stock) and a color of bow (that is already in stock) then I don’t have the pressure of fitting a *real* custom order into my schedule.

here kitty kittyThe idea of giving my customers *exactly* what they want is amazing, but the reality is that I work full time. Add in the whole single mom thing (plus my son did so badly in school last year that I pulled him out and he’s stuck doing online/homeschool until he makes up his credits) and the boyfriend with whom I spend as much time as I can… I end up crocheting on my breaks at work. Or in bars when I go out with my friends.

Anyway, the trial run of this setup is available in my Storenvy Shop. Click the photo to see the listing.


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