Yay for Pain Free Days! Boo for Paypal Drama!

My hands are still a little stiff, but I think I can get some work done today. It might not be stuff for sale, though. My boyfriend’s sister is pregnant and I should get at least a little bit done on my baby shower gift.

Although I’m still considering getting her some Poise adult diapers just in case she turns into one of those pees-a-little ladies, hahaha.

In less fun news: someone filed an unauthorized transaction claim against me on Paypal. On a transaction from 2009. I have an email from the customer from the email address associated with the sale, but Paypal is only giving me the option to either refund the money or submit shipping info. But… as this isn’t claiming non-receipt of the item I don’t need to provide that info. And I’m only getting bs form replies.

Whatever, they probably don’t have as many people working on Sunday. Hopefully tomorrow they’ll have a live person respond.

Okay, to work!


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