Are things picking up?

The plain black hat is definitely my all-time best-seller.

Only one sale per week? Not ideal but I’m not going to refuse the money.

Being sick for so many days means I’m pretty far behind on my preparations for selling shit on Saturday night.

I’m trying, though. It’s the end of the month at my day job (billing department, whee!) so we’ve been working 10 hour days… well, 9.5 hour days. We keep running out of shit to do so they let us go home. I’m all for the overtime pay but getting to work 2 hours early sucks. Today I’m actually going in three hours early. 5am. Which is a bullshit hour. If I hadn’t seen it from the other side so many times I’d think someone just made it up.

My point is: we will have nothing to do at work and be on time-and-a-half pay so they will send me home early.

And I will work my ass off.

I have everything to make 8 new aprons (with pockets) set out in my work room. The fabric just needs to be trimmed to remove the selvedge edges and have the corners squared up before I can start in. Oh, and the pockets. I have to do the pockets. Pockets are a right pain in the ass.


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