Oh Monday


This is how I feel about work today, lol.

See what I meant?

I’m so bad at doing this as often as I should!

To sort of make up for it, here’s my to-do list for today:

  • make & take lunch to my boyfriend at work (done)
  • mail out sold stuff (done)
  • update my current inventory list
  • relist my expired items (done)
  • clean up all the messes in my work room
  • tidy up my inventory and mail station (done)
  • separate out all my stuff that still needs pics taken (done)
  • see if my photog and I will have space in our schedules to arrange a shoot
  • see if I can find a spot in my apartment to do photos if Zach can’t do it

Only 8 more hours before I have to go to be in bed! Let’s see if I can do this!

*edit* getting there…

Button Making

Back in 2007 I got a new toy: The Badge-A-Minit handpress!

Oh, it was glorious. I wracked the shit out of my hands with that thing. I’ve never in my life tried to scrapbook, but I love scrapbook paper and collect it like a weirdo. (If you look at all the photos of my kitty hats for the past few years, you’ll notice I have a lot of backgrounds. All scrapbook paper/cardstock.) Now I had some kind of use for that shit!

Pinback buttons/badges are friggin awesome. Custom ones are friggin-er awesome-er.

I bought some little alphabet stamps and started stamping random words that were small enough to fit on the 1.5″ buttons.

That wasn’t enough for me, though. No, I had to find a way to use more than one paper at a time!

I started using paper punches for cute shapes, but the leftover scraps had to be used, too. I loved using them as stripes or some sort of fake demented hatching.

I’m not much on collage (there are many art forms I am terrible at, so I say “that’s not my thing” or “I’m not really into that” to make it look like it’s disinterest instead of inability) but this was quick and dirty and didn’t really take much creativity.

These relied almost wholly on a rudimentary sense of color and composition, and I can fake those things!

I’m also really into instant gratification, so this was awesome for me.

While I hadn’t heard the term “upcycling” yet, I managed to do it. I can’t afford to do it anymore, but I used to bulk order decent tea from Stash.  So I had catalogues. And these were born:

I still have #18.

Wait, what?

I had to do up 6 months worth of financial records, and I’m going to try to keep up with that.

^ That is the WTF part.

I’m terrible with that kind of stuff. The only reason I can balance my checkbook is that I have no checkbook! I don’t even have credit cards (anymore) so all I need to keep track of is on my online banking and Paypal account. I get email reminders (that send me alerts on my phone) to pay rent, electricity and cable while everything else just sends an email to let me know they took the money already. I barely have to think.

None of that lends itself to responsible spending or, dare I say it? “Saving.”

Oh, oh my. I think I just jizzed in my pants.


Anyway, since my boyfriend is being turned into an accountant I figure I should get my shit together at least a little before he grows up enough to judge me. Also… if he’s going to be an accountant when he grows up (23 now, I’ve been sewing since he was in diapers) then at least I’ll have someone to help me keep my shit together, right? I just have to get it together in the first place or I’m gonna feel like one of those stupid bitches that can’t do anything without a man’s help. >_<

The way I’m figuring it, I’d like to someday have a brick-and-mortar shop. Just a little one. Just my own stuff and maybe some local indie designers but I don’t want a co-op. That’s for dirty hippies.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve done my sales tax stuff for a few months and in Sept I actually sold things to a person in AZ (almost never happens, which means I almost never need to collect and hand over sales tax) so I should really get that done. Tonight, hopefully. After all, I’ve got all the records!

Oh, money…

My financial situation has been, well, “interesting” might be the best word that isn’t “fucked.”

But I’ve finally got a handle on what has been a complicated situation. I’m super grateful to everyone who’s bought something from me (I doubt that you, Dear Reader, were actually one of them but I still love you) because it’s helped me do things like keep my internet on and buy beer.

That said, I’m gonna be raising prices to my normal Christmas “sale” rates soon. So get stuff while the getting’s good. Renewing all the expired stuff in BethSophia is on my to-do list for the evening, but it’s gotta wait until I get these custom orders done. It might not even happen until I’m finished making the shower gift for my boyfriend’s sister. Oof, I kind of over-extended myself on that one. At least I decided against the applique collage wall-hanging. My son and I did one for his dad years ago and while it was awesome making a dragon attacking a village (the fire was 3D, tulle gathered and twisted) I think I might wait until after the kid is born and I’ve seen what theme the nursery is.

I’m hoping to get back on a schedule that includes more posting here. We’ll see how that goes.