Another post already?

That’s right, motherfuckers, I’m posting again!

1795158_656387217751632_339308682_oI just reopened Bondage Tea and it’s got items like this cute little skirt: (The top will likely be up for sale soon, too.)

DSCN0144I also finished a new hat today and it’s kind of adorable, just like pretty much everything I make. Buy it here.

Completely unrelated:

I tried to use the “easier way to create on!” and it was so much more difficult. Why make me have to click more things to get to what I want? Why then make me have to scroll further to find the next thing to click on? I think they were just trying to make it look cooler, and that’s kind of a dick move when people are (hopefully) creating actual content. Yes, I’m using the free service. But making your shit more aggravating to use isn’t going to get me to spend money. At least they let me switch back to the “classic” for now. Maybe I’m a little sensitive to this stuff because they pulled this shit on us at work with 3 different systems in the last 6 weeks. I do love overtime pay, but I don’t like when it’s because we spent days unable to access any of the information to do our jobs. And I don’t enjoy when someone decides to “simplify” things by complicating them, lol.


10 months?

Yeah, I’m bad at this.

I had a fashion show in January. I haven’t really made much since then. I’m not sure if it’s burnout or depression (I have problems with that) but I’ve only just started working on hats again. Sewing stuff is hard because my machines totally ate shit and I need to take them to the repair shop.

Anyway, here are the photos of my show!

I’ve also been making more hats for ColorKittens so go check that out. I’ve had my shops on hiatus, and I will hopefully post again when I put more items in there. I do have some things, it’s just so hard to get my shit together sometimes… y’know?