So much yarn!

Don’t worry, this isn’t all I bought…

I went to the store with the express purpose of finding yarn for a specific project.

I found that yarn and put it in my basket.

I then looked around and… there were so many clearance stickers everywhere!

I don’t generally work with mesh or ribbon yarns because they’re a bit limited in what you can do with them and they’re a lot more expensive than I want to pay for but… $1.97?

I haven’t even touched the yarn I went there to buy. Instead I have a ruffled scarf done and one I’m halfway through. This shit’s so easy it’s like cheating. It really explains how there are so many for such low prices everywhere.

(I’m trying to start each little paragraph with the letter “I,” can you tell?)

I’m going to remember this the next time I need a contrast ruffle on something. This vest in a girlier fabric, for example, would look awesome with one made of the mesh yarn.

Okay, back to crocheting!

(Damn, couldn’t make it ALL “I”s after all…)


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