Happy Small Business Saturday!

My toothache from earlier this week turned into a grotesquely swollen, but strangely pain-free, face yesterday. Of course, neither my doctor nor dentist’s offices were open the day after Thanksgiving and I ended up at the urgent care clinic. I’m now taking supercharged Advil and have yet more vicodin, but my big issue is how gross and throw-uppy the antibiotics make me feel. For real, it’s pretty awful. Not to mention the swelling. It’s a lot better this afternoon than yesterday and miles better than this morning when the left side was just huge from my eye to my chin and across to the right side of my mouth. I almost wish I’d taken a photo…

All this hasn’t really stopped me from chilling on the couch with a blanket and some yarn and Christmas movies like Batman Returns and Bad Santa. (I should probably watch Gremlins next.) I first posted this list on Nov 11 and I feel like I’ve made quite a lot of progress since then.

Still no Luna, hahaha… I also found, while tidying up my hat and yarn storage, this Hello Kitty with blue bow hat that had apparently never made it to being listed!


Happy Thanksgiving and stuff!

I have a fucking toothache on Foodsgiving. I also have a few vicodin from a previous dental thing so I’ll probably take some of that so I can chew.

Yesterday I bought a couple more kinds of specialty yarn, so those have gone on there as well. I still need to go through my sold stuff and pick out more things to add, I’ve got so many combinations already photographed and that’s nice to not have to add on that time to production. And I especially should be doing the ones with contrast color in the ears. I love those and it can be so freaking pretty.

Hopefully I sell a good bit during this coming holiday weekend!


Not going to update my list yet, mostly because I’m making stuff that’s already sold to my friends, yay!

I’m tired. Work at 5am. And only a 3-day holiday weekend. On the other hand, I get to have 2 Thanksgivings if I want them. So there’s that, hahaha.

Anyway, more updates as soon as work and family allows!

Not quite like hotcakes

but the hats are selling much better than they have for a while, and the stats are way up, too, so that’s awesome. (This blog’s stats are up as well so I’m a bit delighted right now! I definitely give some credit to my video, hahaha.)

I’ve got work at 5am tomorrow and then a christening/birthday party in the afternoon so I’m going to have to go to bed early and then not get much done crafting-wise for the rest of the weekend. Not super pleased about that but I guess there’s not much I can do about it, just like the overtime I mentioned in the last post. :/  (Speaking of which, I did NOT go in today and while I’m sure I’ll wish I’d gotten the time-and-a-half plus 15% weekend differential pay… I slept until 11, lol.)

Now for the updated list! I’m almost done with the part I wrote out before any started selling, I’ve just got a red one to go. After that one I may go through my sold items and stock photos again and see if there’s anything that jumps out as needing to be added.

I know, I know… still no Luna. But there’s already one in the shop so I feel okay about it.

The downside of working overtime is

that I do data entry all day (I work in medical billing) and so I come home with my hands already cramped and tired. And that’s after 8 hours, we’re working 10s almost every day through the end of the month. Including some of the weekends. I’m sure December will be much the same. I do love the extra money, but I’d rather be making that money selling stuff and I have to be physically capable of manufacturing things to sell if that’s gonna work.

That said, I may volunteer to go in Saturday and help out Error Processing. There’s still a lot of typing, but I’ll be working from actual PAPER and it’s different enough from my regular job that it’s kind of refreshing. (Unless they give me the report where it’s going through and doing exactly my job on accessions that were erroneously marked as completed. I hate that one.)

Anyhow, here’s the to-make list!

All I’ve gotten done since the last one is a light pink, but it’s the first light pink one in the shop for more than a year, so we’ll call it a milestone and pretend to be impressed, okay?

Update to the list!

I haven’t gotten anything more done (last night I went out with my “running” group) and today I’ve been trying to nap because I’m not sleeping enough and I have to be at work at 6am…  but here’s the updated list, because I sold 3 things since my last list update, woot!

And, yes, I know it’s kind of weird looking to have black in there twice with a brown in between… but that’s how I’m doing it so 😛

Because I do get questions…

Sorry about the audio, but… yeah, just sorry.

I usually try to write this out really tiny on my “thank you” cards but I decided to just start sending a link to this video instead when I mark the item as shipped. I’m a thinker.

I’m also a mushmouth (true story: I have a slight speech impediment from being tongue tied!) and you can’t hear me saying “and I love you” very well at the end there, lol.