I learned a new thing today!

When I first started selling my kitty hats on Etsy, I was one of very few doing ears on hats and the only one using the technique I developed back in 2005. (I don’t know that I’m the first to do it this way, but I didn’t see it anywhere else online until after I started selling them.) Since then a lot of people have adopted my method because it’s easy and awesome and I don’t blame them one bit, but it does pose a problem for me to have so much competition now and so little time in which to make things. Especially since so many people have gotten so much better than me at it!

So today I took a little break from my to-make list and decided to experiment with decorative stitches to add a little something more to what I offer. The result was this pretty blue cabled hat I just listed.

I have gotten a couple things on the list done, though. Here’s the updated version:

I skipped Luna for now (even though I was watching Sailor Moon Crystal on Hulu while I worked) because it’s a pain. But I’ll get back to her eventually.

Today I also went through and lowered prices on most of my hats. So go check them out!


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