The downside of working overtime is

that I do data entry all day (I work in medical billing) and so I come home with my hands already cramped and tired. And that’s after 8 hours, we’re working 10s almost every day through the end of the month. Including some of the weekends. I’m sure December will be much the same. I do love the extra money, but I’d rather be making that money selling stuff and I have to be physically capable of manufacturing things to sell if that’s gonna work.

That said, I may volunteer to go in Saturday and help out Error Processing. There’s still a lot of typing, but I’ll be working from actual PAPER and it’s different enough from my regular job that it’s kind of refreshing. (Unless they give me the report where it’s going through and doing exactly my job on accessions that were erroneously marked as completed. I hate that one.)

Anyhow, here’s the to-make list!

All I’ve gotten done since the last one is a light pink, but it’s the first light pink one in the shop for more than a year, so we’ll call it a milestone and pretend to be impressed, okay?


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