Not quite like hotcakes

but the hats are selling much better than they have for a while, and the stats are way up, too, so that’s awesome. (This blog’s stats are up as well so I’m a bit delighted right now! I definitely give some credit to my video, hahaha.)

I’ve got work at 5am tomorrow and then a christening/birthday party in the afternoon so I’m going to have to go to bed early and then not get much done crafting-wise for the rest of the weekend. Not super pleased about that but I guess there’s not much I can do about it, just like the overtime I mentioned in the last post. :/  (Speaking of which, I did NOT go in today and while I’m sure I’ll wish I’d gotten the time-and-a-half plus 15% weekend differential pay… I slept until 11, lol.)

Now for the updated list! I’m almost done with the part I wrote out before any started selling, I’ve just got a red one to go. After that one I may go through my sold items and stock photos again and see if there’s anything that jumps out as needing to be added.

I know, I know… still no Luna. But there’s already one in the shop so I feel okay about it.


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