Happy Small Business Saturday!

My toothache from earlier this week turned into a grotesquely swollen, but strangely pain-free, face yesterday. Of course, neither my doctor nor dentist’s offices were open the day after Thanksgiving and I ended up at the urgent care clinic. I’m now taking supercharged Advil and have yet more vicodin, but my big issue is how gross and throw-uppy the antibiotics make me feel. For real, it’s pretty awful. Not to mention the swelling. It’s a lot better this afternoon than yesterday and miles better than this morning when the left side was just huge from my eye to my chin and across to the right side of my mouth. I almost wish I’d taken a photo…

All this hasn’t really stopped me from chilling on the couch with a blanket and some yarn and Christmas movies like Batman Returns and Bad Santa. (I should probably watch Gremlins next.) I first posted this list on Nov 11 and I feel like I’ve made quite a lot of progress since then.

Still no Luna, hahaha… I also found, while tidying up my hat and yarn storage, this Hello Kitty with blue bow hat that had apparently never made it to being listed!


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