I finally did the Luna hat! You’ll notice that it’s now at the top of the list, because the list has gotten so long that I’ve decided to start removing the oldest items. You can, of course, look at previous posts to see how much was on there before.

Hooray for getting shit done! I’ve got a black hat that I almost finished at work today (it’ll be on there next update) and then I suppose in the morning I’ll do one more that’s already photographed for the shop before I take care of at least the custom order I said I’d get done before I see him Monday. Then… who the hell knows? Since I’m having to work on a pattern for the Sailor Mercury one (needs the symbol) I’ve been doing other pixel art type stuff and I might want to add those on… but I’ve already got so much planned! Plus it’s holiday party season and I’ve got at least one formal event to go to (skipping Santarchy this weekend, though – I can get just as trashed at home and don’t need a Santa suit for it!) so it would be tough to work in… Well. We’ll see what I can do. Guess it’ll depend on how much of my social life I’m willing to sacrifice for money. (As long as I’m getting laid I’m sure I’ll be fine.)


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