Wow, I’m overdue for an update.

Things have been kind of busy lately in terms of custom orders, so I haven’t been getting through my list. That plus so many things selling since my last post (yay!) and so many ideas for more stuff I want to do (more yay!) and it’s getting longer instead of shorter.

Anyway, I removed the 10 oldest ones and here’s where it stands now:

Yeah, so you can see I’ve got a lot I want to get done, and only really a few days to put things up before the Xmas shopping season ends. On the other hand, people who got cash…

Also, woot! Just made a sale! Second one since I got home from work, third since I went to the post office yesterday. I love that my Etsy app makes a ch-ching! sound when someone buys a thing. It was the solid purple that is now on the bottom of the list. 😀


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