New projects!

I’ve agreed to make some of the prizes we’re going to give out at an event in 5 weeks.

The further away you are from it, the brighter it looks!

The further away you are the brighter it looks!

On my agenda is 2-3 tutus based on the Arizona flag (we get a lot of out of state people at this party) plus a couple of reflective headbands (it’s for our “running” group) and then a couple of customized sashes for the winners of I don’t even know what, I’m not paying attention because I plan to be pretty much wasted the whole weekend and not care about things in any official capacity.

I’m kind of looking forward to the tutus, because I always look forward to the tutus, hahaha. They’re soooooo fun to make.

Still working on the concept of the sashes…

The headbands aren’t as much fun, but I’ll survive, lol. Getting the right gauge and keeping it when switching from the stretchy stitch (around the head) and the stiff one (for the writing) is annoying and difficult.


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