Worked too much on projects lately! My hand isn’t bad yet, but I should really make sure I can use it at work tomorrow. 😦

I’ve almost finished a mock-up of the tentacles for the octopus hat and I knitted (what? I never knit!) my kid a scarf/cowl/neckwarmer thing to wear when he has to walk home from work at night. I was nice and used yarn that matches his 10 or so Raiders hats. It looks about as bad as most things I’ve ever knit, lol. At least it’s warm?

My second shitty cold of the holiday season has me coughing like fucking crazy, so that’s something I want to complain about here for a second. It’s driving me nuts and scaring the cat. I gave it to the boyfriend, as well. So that’s also fun.

Back to looking longingly at the yarn I can’t play with, boo.


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