Rough weekend.

Today’s not better than yesterday, except that I haven’t put on pants because I haven’t left my apartment, and that’s always pretty sweet.

I did end up crocheting something last night, but today my hand can’t take it so I’ll have to finish it another time.

The craft show at work might not be a good idea for me. I don’t want to hurt myself just because I’m bummed and need something to keep me occupied. So today I’ve been doing, ugh, housework. And made nacho cheese sauce because I needed nachos. Now that the weather isn’t crazy hot anymore I should probably start going out walking or something, but ugh, exercise, hahaha. 


I’m having a rough day.

You know those days where you feel like shit and you don’t want to tell anyone why because it’s a stupid fucking reason and you don’t want anyone to know how small and petty your soul is? 

Dude, that was almost entirely derailed by finding a $50 bill under my clock radio while dusting just now. 

I still feel like crying over how even with the things I’m good at I’m not THAT good because that’s got my self-worth meter deep into the negative numbers tonight, but $50!

Somehow 2 color brioche is easier?

And I’m not sure why it’s so much easier for me to purl through two loops than one, that seems very counter-intuitive. I don’t like the way the selvedge edges look, though. 

I think I want to learn to do this in the round instead of flat. I do like this color combo, though. Pink and pinker! I’ll probably pull this apart now that I’ve got the technique down and make myself something awesome to wear. 

But that will have to wait. One of the fingers on my left hand has had enough of knitting and refuses to bend properly anymore. Maybe I should crochet some stuff.

Flat brioche can eat a dick!

I keep messing it up and it literally takes less time to start the fuck over than try to rip out stitches and figure out how to put that shit back on the needles. However, I’m assuming that I won’t always mess it up, so I guess I’ll keep practicing. This is attempt, like, 15.

My hands hurt so I need to stop now, though.

I’m alive and stuff.

I don’t think I’ve posted since getting a new job. It pays better but we’re saving for a house so I still can’t buy all the yarn and fabric and cool specialty tools I want. I guess I wouldn’t want to pack them anyway. :/

Lately I’m either being good and not wrecking my hands (the new job is still data entry) or learning new things. Currently I’m really sucking at brioche. I’m not great at knitting anyhow, but this is just sad. I did okay with learning to crochet the crocodile stitch a couple weeks ago, so I’ll show that off…

There’s not much else to say. I may or may not do a craft show in a few weeks, I have to decide eventually, but it’s at work so I also have to get permission from my boss. 

Anyway, this app kind of sucks for formatting, so I’m going to end this now and poke around at the settings. Because I’m bored and my arm is weird (maybe I slept on it?) to the point where I’m working kind of slow at my job and I don’t want to exacerbate that. Hopefully I don’t go another 9 or whatever months before I post again…