So many things have happened…

They’re mostly boring, though.

But is anyone else in love with their ball winder? I’m in the midst of buying a house so I’m also packing up all my shit and omg turning everything into cakes means so many fewer tangles later!

And, why yes, I am drinking while I do this.

Oh, because you may have read my most previous post: I’ve got a few smaller, rug thickness blankets made up. But I’ve decided that it’s almost actual summer here in Arizona… so I’m going to put the rugs I’m making in bags with a couple water bottles and any cheap (but safe, not recalled) dog treats I can find and hand them out to the many panhandlers with doggos that I see. I’m also going to hit up as many discount and dollar stores as I can to find umbrellas for shade. It’s hard to admit, but I definitely care more about dogs I see with my own eyes than any others, and I want to help them have the best lives available to them. Every one of those puppers loves their human, and if I can help their human return that love I will.