Year in review + existential despair.

So it’s a couple years on from when I realized I couldn’t keep up with my business anymore and it’s still pretty awful. One of the most difficult parts is that my family is… sort of unsympathetic. My kid is barely an adult and currently upset that he has to work to pay for everything that isn’t the roof over his head or the food in his mouth. Dick. Continue reading


Back in business?

No, not really. I just have a lot of hats that never sold, lol.


I’ve reopened my Etsy shop for a while (click the picture to go to go there!) but I’m probably not going to be making anything new for it.

The problems with my hands haven’t gotten any better (and are maybe actually worse) so I don’t work on much lately.

Any new stuff I do ends up on my Instagram with all the pictures of my cat.

Still depressed, still don’t know what I’m going to do, still hopeful that I’ll figure it out eventually.

So… this is happening

I’ve made the decision to shut down my business.

After 15 years of not really making anything of it – of not having the time or resources to really dedicate myself to it – it seems like time to let it go. At least for now.


Skirt! Yay!

Skirt! Yay!

Of course… that means a lot more time and energy to use on making things that I want to make instead of things I think will sell. And a lot more time to make things for myself!

I’m probably going to look like a kindergarten teacher, lol.

Another factor that went into my decision is my current physical state. By day I’m a data entry monkey and the current project I’ve been given is putting a lot of strain on my hands due to the complicated and fucking ridiculously unnecessary keyboard shortcuts (like having to press ctrl+alt+shift and right click to choose “copy” from one of the programs… wtf?)  In addition to my hands being mangled 5 days a week I’ve also started having more severe back problems than the norm, including shiny new back spasms. All this pain, plus the exhaustion that comes with the pain, makes me dread trying to work on something even when I start feeling desperate for something to do.

So many tutus!

So many tutus!

Anyway, I’m planning to continue to use this blog to show off the stuff I do, and my Instagram is a lot more convenient to post to, so check that out as well!

I’ve got a bag of partially finished scrunchies I’ve made (they don’t hold as securely as regular hair ties, but so much less hair breakage!) that I’m going to attempt to work on now. Hopefully I’ll have lots of pics of them soon. In the meantime, please enjoy these tutus I sold at a recent hash.

Over socialized now…

I finally downloaded Instagram and while I don’t exactly regret it (yet?) I do notice that a lot of people seem to post every picture they instagram to Facebook as well. So I’ve been not adding some of my friends, lol.

I’ve already noticed an uptick in traffic to this site, so that’s cool.  Luca over at Creative Enabler has some Instagram for indie business materials she’s going to be getting to me so hopefully I can use that to help me figure out what the fuck I’m up to! 😀

This afternoon I have a tutu-making party to go to. So yay for that!

Okay, time for Sunday morning fridge pizza.

Changes? Maybe.

I’m attempting to take a different approach to my business practices. Mostly by having business practices instead of just doing whatever I want and not really being concerned with what the results are.

This is just a side gig, but wouldn’t it be nice if it weren’t a side gig in a few years? Of course it would be nice. But that’s not going to happen unless I change how I’m doing this.

And more than a month later…

I finally post again!

At least I’ve been working on stuff?

I had a show on Valentines Day at which I sold exactly nothing. So that was fun.

More unicorn hats have been made. Two have been sold, two have not. I need to put together the listings and shit.

I vacillate between wanting to just shut down my business and read all the time like I used to before and wanting to really get serious about this shit. Right now I’m in serious mode, lol. I even bought a book from my FB friend Luca at Creative Enabler because I could honestly use some help getting my shit together to do this.

I’m trying to decide if I want to invest my tax refund in my business or if that’s useless (considering I made – according to the calculators on Turbotax – $2 off it last year) and I should just save it. Currently I’m just compiling a list of stuff I think would be awesome to have. Then I’ll have to identify the difference between the few things that are worth the initial outlay because they’re likely to pay off and the things that I should only worry about once that payoff actually happens.

Anyway, I’m tired and I need to put my unicorn hats up on my Etsy. Or maybe open them up for sale on my Facebook page?

Yay, I’m back!

First things first: UNICORN HAT! More on that later.

Next things next: I have a shiny, new, exactly the same as the old one laptop! Lol. Well, it’s a newer OS which is always annoying. But it works and I have yet to zap it with static electricity! Every time I’ve done that on my previous computers it made startup take another minute or so. The last one took up to 15 minutes just to get its shit together when I turned it on.

Anyway, I’ve sort of abandoned the old to-make list because I now have a show I’m doing on Valentine’s Day and need to approach inventory a little differently. The lovely thing about online sales is that I can just remake and restock things as they’re sold. This way I have to guess what will go over well and then make a bunch of it so I don’t run out. Basically that means tons and tons of black hats, the grey with pink ears, probably the charcoal grey will go over well, too. Then I have to have enough of other stuff that I can fill a table with different things.

Of course… this is going to be at a bar on V-Day so who knows how much I’ll even actually sell, lol.

My tutus will likely be along for the ride, too. I figure silly hats and tutus are great things to sell at a bar. I’ll probably bring other stuff if I have time to make any. I’ve been thinking about scrunchies, because those have actually been making a little bit of a comeback lately, but I’d have to deal with fabric and all that and I’m not sure I really want to do it.

am planning to do a few paintings. Depending on how well they turn out I may do more than a few. I’ll post photos when/if they get done.

Now, the unicorn hat… I was mostly just making it to see how long it took and if I enjoyed it enough to add them to my regular line up. The short response is too long and not really. But a friend of mine bought this one, I have someone else who’s ordered a custom one, and I have a friend I’m seeing tomorrow night that might be interested in yet another. In a perfect world I’d like to have time to make 5 or so with different manes to take to the show. We’ll see if I can get that done. In the meantime, here‘s the rest of the unicorn photos.

When I have a better idea of what all I want to make for the show, I’ll put up that list and post updates on my progress.

Anyway, it’s a new year! Yay!