Oh, money…

My financial situation has been, well, “interesting” might be the best word that isn’t “fucked.”

But I’ve finally got a handle on what has been a complicated situation. I’m super grateful to everyone who’s bought something from me (I doubt that you, Dear Reader, were actually one of them but I still love you) because it’s helped me do things like keep my internet on and buy beer.

That said, I’m gonna be raising prices to my normal Christmas “sale” rates soon. So get stuff while the getting’s good. Renewing all the expired stuff in BethSophia is on my to-do list for the evening, but it’s gotta wait until I get these custom orders done. It might not even happen until I’m finished making the shower gift for my boyfriend’s sister. Oof, I kind of over-extended myself on that one. At least I decided against the applique collage wall-hanging. My son and I did one for his dad years ago and while it was awesome making a dragon attacking a village (the fire was 3D, tulle gathered and twisted) I think I might wait until after the kid is born and I’ve seen what theme the nursery is.

I’m hoping to get back on a schedule that includes more posting here. We’ll see how that goes.


Are things picking up?

The plain black hat is definitely my all-time best-seller.

Only one sale per week? Not ideal but I’m not going to refuse the money.

Being sick for so many days means I’m pretty far behind on my preparations for selling shit on Saturday night.

I’m trying, though. It’s the end of the month at my day job (billing department, whee!) so we’ve been working 10 hour days… well, 9.5 hour days. We keep running out of shit to do so they let us go home. I’m all for the overtime pay but getting to work 2 hours early sucks. Today I’m actually going in three hours early. 5am. Which is a bullshit hour. If I hadn’t seen it from the other side so many times I’d think someone just made it up.

My point is: we will have nothing to do at work and be on time-and-a-half pay so they will send me home early.

And I will work my ass off.

I have everything to make 8 new aprons (with pockets) set out in my work room. The fabric just needs to be trimmed to remove the selvedge edges and have the corners squared up before I can start in. Oh, and the pockets. I have to do the pockets. Pockets are a right pain in the ass.

Took long enough…

V9GlgLl1b8hkahh3J_RsABxDI9F79Sc8Zav_UJY3MrQ Yay! Finally sold another thing! I hate when sales lose momentum. Hope shit picks up.

Next weekend I’m going to be getting booth space to sell at a local roller derby bout. So that’s going to be interesting. I’ve got a lot of friends who play but I’ve only been to watch a couple times. Hopefully they buy shit, lol.

If you’re in the Phoenix area check it out.

Other links to click:

Arizona Roller Girls

Riotous Rags (my buddy Dan/Pat Riot will be selling there as well)

Finally, a Sale!

baby blueI had some momentum going before taking a week-long vacation with my boyfriend (to a slightly busted-down old motel on a gorgeous strip of beach) but it kind of stopped entirely as soon as I left.

So it’d been I think an entire month without selling anything until someone bought this hat. Bless her.

Hopefully this marks the beginning of a new streak. ❤

Oh the holidays…

It’s time to start doing some serious stocking up for the Christmas season.

It’s also time for me to start thinking about how I’m going to handle holiday sales. I used to manually go through and change all the prices so that it would end up being a nice round number, but I’m hoping to have too much stock to make that time-effective.

Using the coupon codes on Etsy is of course convenient, but I’m not sure how to work it so that people actually see them. I know that not everyone looks at the shop “welcome” and if I’m going to have to add “use coupon code XYZ” to every listing then it would make just as much sense to change the price manually.

Maybe I should stop worrying that someone won’t see the code. After all, if I forget to bring my coupons to the store it’s not like they give me the discount anyway. And the extra money would definitely be a help. It would just be nice if prudent business ethics matched up with my personal ethics better.