Still helping…

Where the fuck are the pompoms? I want to steal pompoms.


Helper cat helps

My team at work is embroiled in some sort of dramatic Christmas decorating contest with another team. There are big plans afoot, but the only thing I’m really excited about is that on the day of the judging we’re going to make everyone at work cocoa and peppermint tea and such while wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and goofy elf hats. Miss Roxie there is making sure that hat she’s on will be warm enough by adding a layer of fur.

I’m going to save photos of the finished hats for when all ~20 are done. X.x

Holy crap, it’s Christmas Eve.

I have no photos right now, largely because I’m drinking and watching Penny Dreadful with a cat on my lap. The big red blanket is done, the maiden aunt scarf is done, the angel for grandma is done, and we got the sister a super cute pajama onesie in mid-October.

Sean gets to handle the menfolk. Which is why we are totally unprepared for them.

I’m planning to spend much of the afternoon/evening with a friend and have been trying to make her a scarf, but my cat is an asshole so it’s not been a productive evening, lol. Hopefully I’ll have good updates before Christmas Day.

Oh, money…

My financial situation has been, well, “interesting” might be the best word that isn’t “fucked.”

But I’ve finally got a handle on what has been a complicated situation. I’m super grateful to everyone who’s bought something from me (I doubt that you, Dear Reader, were actually one of them but I still love you) because it’s helped me do things like keep my internet on and buy beer.

That said, I’m gonna be raising prices to my normal Christmas “sale” rates soon. So get stuff while the getting’s good. Renewing all the expired stuff in BethSophia is on my to-do list for the evening, but it’s gotta wait until I get these custom orders done. It might not even happen until I’m finished making the shower gift for my boyfriend’s sister. Oof, I kind of over-extended myself on that one. At least I decided against the applique collage wall-hanging. My son and I did one for his dad years ago and while it was awesome making a dragon attacking a village (the fire was 3D, tulle gathered and twisted) I think I might wait until after the kid is born and I’ve seen what theme the nursery is.

I’m hoping to get back on a schedule that includes more posting here. We’ll see how that goes.