I want it to be daytime.

I found a couple more hats tucked away in weird places but I can’t get photos until I can get some light! I want to put them up in the shop.

(Although one of them uses reflective yarn so I should probably get a low-light one with the flash.)

After an initial burst of traffic and sales, the past couple days haven’t been great for the shop. Boo. Boooooooo. Oh well, it’ll be whatever, lol. I just wanted to see if I could get a bit of cash and storage space back.


Oh, the post office…

20161120_141735I’ve made two trips to mail things in the last week!

The post office still smells the same, lol.

Since this temporary reopening began I’ve sent out 5 hats, and I have people who have reserved others. Although since they haven’t paid and haven’t gotten back to me about them, I’m not going to continue holding them much longer.

And that’s one of those situations I hate. Either I’ll be annoyed with my friends or they’ll be annoyed with me. But I think my own self-righteousness will carry the day.

I’ve been thinking about making more hats. Mostly just as a time filler because I have plenty of things I don’t want to think about lately. But I can’t justify making more kitties until I finish the octopus my friend Danno commissioned! It’s going to be amazing, so I should totally focus on that any time my hands allow.

Back in business?

No, not really. I just have a lot of hats that never sold, lol.


I’ve reopened my Etsy shop for a while (click the picture to go to go there!) but I’m probably not going to be making anything new for it.

The problems with my hands haven’t gotten any better (and are maybe actually worse) so I don’t work on much lately.

Any new stuff I do ends up on my Instagram with all the pictures of my cat.

Still depressed, still don’t know what I’m going to do, still hopeful that I’ll figure it out eventually.

So much left to do!

In the last post I mentioned I was going to spend this week’s sales earnings on a fancy dress for a fancy party… it’s a good thing I made so much because the only dress I really liked cost more than I wanted to spend. Of course, anything over $20 is more than I want to spend on a dress, so I guess that was inevitable.

I still need to get photos of some of them! I’ve removed ones that have been finished for a while from the list but left those up so you can help shame me into finally doing it. Also removed a few that have sold and will be appearing further down the list as needing to be remade.

Back at it, then! Saturday is basically the last day that there’s a hope in hell of things making it to people for Christmas. So I’d better get as much done as I can, especially so there’s enough stock left for all the people looking to spend their Christmas money.

I need to work faster

Only got 3 hats done today, but maybe I’ll manage another before bed. I hope so, anyway. Tomorrow’s the day I handle the after-party snacks for my “running” group so I won’t really have time to do anything tomorrow except maybe on my breaks at work.

Removed the 5 oldest from the top:

I figure I have more than enough on my plate as it is, so I’m going to try not to add anything else except for stuff that sells. And maybe do a few extra plain black ones since those always go quick. There’s less than a week before the online shopping season tapers off and I’d like to get as much of this stuff out there as possible.

Not quite like hotcakes

but the hats are selling much better than they have for a while, and the stats are way up, too, so that’s awesome. (This blog’s stats are up as well so I’m a bit delighted right now! I definitely give some credit to my video, hahaha.)

I’ve got work at 5am tomorrow and then a christening/birthday party in the afternoon so I’m going to have to go to bed early and then not get much done crafting-wise for the rest of the weekend. Not super pleased about that but I guess there’s not much I can do about it, just like the overtime I mentioned in the last post. :/  (Speaking of which, I did NOT go in today and while I’m sure I’ll wish I’d gotten the time-and-a-half plus 15% weekend differential pay… I slept until 11, lol.)

Now for the updated list! I’m almost done with the part I wrote out before any started selling, I’ve just got a red one to go. After that one I may go through my sold items and stock photos again and see if there’s anything that jumps out as needing to be added.

I know, I know… still no Luna. But there’s already one in the shop so I feel okay about it.

Woo, new update!

Got a couple more made, and should probably make a start on the rainbow stripe one tonight… if I don’t have another beer… but beer is so good… (this is why I’m a hasher, I suppose.)