Still helping…

Where the fuck are the pompoms? I want to steal pompoms.


Octopus update!

tentacleI can’t figure out how to make the tentacles curl one way one on side and the other way on the other. Ugh. It always wants to go the same direction.

The person who made the hat I’m basing mine off of managed it, so I’m sure there’s a way and I just need to find it.

Ew, research.

Oh, the post office…

20161120_141735I’ve made two trips to mail things in the last week!

The post office still smells the same, lol.

Since this temporary reopening began I’ve sent out 5 hats, and I have people who have reserved others. Although since they haven’t paid and haven’t gotten back to me about them, I’m not going to continue holding them much longer.

And that’s one of those situations I hate. Either I’ll be annoyed with my friends or they’ll be annoyed with me. But I think my own self-righteousness will carry the day.

I’ve been thinking about making more hats. Mostly just as a time filler because I have plenty of things I don’t want to think about lately. But I can’t justify making more kitties until I finish the octopus my friend Danno commissioned! It’s going to be amazing, so I should totally focus on that any time my hands allow.

Yay for gettin’ shit done!

Since I’m being brought a different shirt to use for sizing purposes on the top I’m making for my coworker I now have all these days off to work on my own projects!

I’m attempting to make a bajillion skirts. I might be able to get up to 5 new ones by the end of today.

There’s also a hopefully great idea that I had for printed t-shirts for the holidays. I’m waiting for the emulsion on the first screen to dry now.

One problem with having a lot of ideas is that follow through becomes incredibly difficult. I’ve never been great at time-management, so I’m really hoping that I don’t screw up here.  :/

Flapper dress yay!

A coworker had a wedding over the weekend. A themed wedding. The theme was I guess the 20s because my sort-of-boss-lady Monica needed a flapper dress to wear.

After a lovely first fitting where we found out that the bust measurement she gave me was radically off, I managed to put together something cute and wearable and, well, here are photos of the materials and etc.

I’m a neglectful person…

Okay the themed posts really were not my thing. I’m not that person, that person kind of creeps me out even.

As a general business update: I have kept up with tradition in that I broke my sewing machine making Halloween costumes. It’s in the shop. Woo! Once I get it back I’ll probably take my old machine in and get that fixed too. Just so I have lots of backup for the next time I screw stuff up. In the meantime, I have a teeny little Singer I picked up as a stop-gap measure. The model is even called the Quik Fix, how appropriate is that?

I’m playing with fun color combos for the Hello Kitty hats. This will not be a white Christmas.

I have a new local friend who is a pretty great photographer and I will hopefully be able to enlist him in helping me take product photos. Or at least telling me why he thinks my existing ones are sub-par and give me tips on how he thinks I should process them. 😛

There are some fun fabrics I’ve picked up that I’m looking forward to working with.

Honestly, my business has not done as well this year as I would have liked. I think this is mostly due to personal issues that have prevented me from being able to focus enough energy in this direction. I’m hopeful that now most of these have been resolved (well, I guess having a 13 year old won’t be resolved until he hits 14… and that’s likely to be a whole new issue) I will have the time and sanity to put my love of making things higher on my list of priorities.

Oh Toto!

Look what I made!