Yay it’s Tuesday!

Have another tutorial!

I’m doing a variation on these bows for my hair clip freebie things.


Lack of sleep has an upside!

I spent a lot more time awake than I wanted to yesterday and last night. This was really irritating while it was happening (and I’m apparently unable to fall asleep when it’s light out so I’m going between crabby and loopy) but I did manage to get in some good productive time and learn a few new things so it wasn’t a total loss.

I like giving little free things to customers. Every so often I’ll make a new batch of freebies and it’s getting to be that time again. I’ve done stickers, pin-back buttons, little pillows with faces on them, wallets, etc. I still have some of most of those items but I get bored, lol.

This time I bought 50 double pronged alligator clips and am learning how to make pretty bows to put on them.

I’m hoping to get a lot done over the weekend, especially listing items that are done and photographed and just need me to be coherent enough to put together a description. 🙂

I’m too sexy for my backyard.

So that I don’t have to take all my product photos in my workroom, I bought a really cute little patio set.

Considering that I bought it at World Market I got a seriously good deal on it.

I figure that there’s nothing wrong with a tea party themed Lolita shoot, right? So not only do I have really pretty blue chairs out back, I can rationalize the purchase as a business decision! I suppose that it really is one, but I’m so happy that it doesn’t feel like one.

Because I know that I’m the only one who looks at the “What’s Next” page, I can also announce that I finally found the hair clips I really like and ordered them from one of the smaller suppliers on Etsy. I also went to Michael’s today and bought a ridiculous amount of ribbon. The twins are going to have plenty to choose from in when they decide what they want as payment for their modeling services.