Moar Patchwork!

Holy crap I did a lot of patchwork skirts… Be glad I couldn’t find pictures of most of them. I also did a few tops, but this is the only one I could find.

apron01 patchremix purplestrip


’03 still had a lot of hippie crap going on.

I made a lot of hemp jewelry while watching TV that year. Mostly because I’d moved to northern California and NorCal swings between hot as fuck and cold as shit. My studio was in the garage, so the weather kept me in the house quite a lot.

2002 also had a lot of Hippie/Raver kids…


I love orange. And I love purple.

And I’m super tacky¬†sometimes, so I love them together. Also, these glowed in blacklight.¬†

I have a few young friends who say they were “ravers” as teenagers but I can’t think of them that way. They were born in the 90s. The majority grew up here in Phoenix, AZ. I was partying in the late 90s in San Francisco. Back in the days when getting dressed to go meant putting clothes on instead of taking them off. I sound like an old person.

“You whippersnappers don’t know what you’re talking about. In my day, the DJs had actual turntables and the drugs were a lot stronger. You youngsters got the girls out of most of their clothes, but it costs more to get them high enough to let you touch ’em!”

This is the last one from ’02, I promise. Next week we begins 2003!

No, seriously, 2002 was the year of the hippie.

SundaeI found this chick who did amazing hand dyed fabrics and who sold them not only by the yard but also in bundles of precut patchwork squares. I’m sad I can’t find her anymore. The work was seriously amazing.

I named this piece Sundae because of the cream colored super soft thin wale corduroy I found on sale. And, you know, sprinkles looking squares of cotton.

Too bad I can’t find a photo of the front, the top was really pretty.

Really, I should see if I can find anyone who makes these squares. They’re soooooo nice!

More 2002 Hippie Stuff


I remember putting this up on eBay and trying to figure out how to describe the colors. Different monitors in my house showed the photo in different shades. Just different browsers on the same computer. So I went with one of the constants of the universe: Crayola crayon colors. I think this one was Apricot and Burnt Sienna.

I still like the way it looked, with little stripes of the lighter fabric running up the sides of the skirt…

Too bad I don’t have better/more pix, but I had to retrieve these from The Wayback Machine.

From 2002

pretty!This top and skirt were made waaaaaay back when I started making hippie wear. My son’s dad had used to wear this really terrible pair of patchwork corduroy pants that he paid something like $75 for (in 1999, for the sake of perspective here) and I’d always hated that kind of crap.

Which makes it kind of amusing that I started making it myself, but you can see here that I did it better.

I’m an intensely neurotic person and I love symmetry or, at the very least, balanced composition. The haphazard, thrown together look of most crap I’d seen at festivals and the like drove me nuts. I made these things largely in an effort to spread my aesthetic values a little further into the world, lol.