A new project!

I have so many works in progress that I have been trying really hard not to start new ones. But here I am anyway, lol.

This is one of my absolute favorite yarns to work with, and in my favorite colorway! I used it years ago for some of my kitty hats and then couldn’t find it again for the longest time. Turns out that they just don’t carry it at Joann, and maybe only exclusively at Michael’s (I didn’t check that out, I’m lazy.) Since Michael’s generally has a really small yarn section I didn’t think to look there until I went down the aisle out of habit during a trip to get embroidery thread. 

I wanted something really simple to work on this weekend while re-binging all of Stranger Things, and this type of scarf is pretty much the simplest thing, ever. 

Somehow 2 color brioche is easier?

And I’m not sure why it’s so much easier for me to purl through two loops than one, that seems very counter-intuitive. I don’t like the way the selvedge edges look, though. 

I think I want to learn to do this in the round instead of flat. I do like this color combo, though. Pink and pinker! I’ll probably pull this apart now that I’ve got the technique down and make myself something awesome to wear. 

But that will have to wait. One of the fingers on my left hand has had enough of knitting and refuses to bend properly anymore. Maybe I should crochet some stuff.

Flat brioche can eat a dick!

I keep messing it up and it literally takes less time to start the fuck over than try to rip out stitches and figure out how to put that shit back on the needles. However, I’m assuming that I won’t always mess it up, so I guess I’ll keep practicing. This is attempt, like, 15.

My hands hurt so I need to stop now, though.