Bobble stitch tentacles!

I need to go get appropriate yarn to use for the underside of the tentacles on the octopus hat. But in the meantime, here’s a video showing the stitch I plan to use. I think the bobbles will make perfect suckers, don’t you?


So much room for activities!

In my last post I mentioned my back problems. Luckily for me I have multiple massage therapist friends! On Sunday morning James came over and brought his portable massage table. He does trigger-point massage, so it was pretty intense… although I took half a vicodin beforehand so it wasn’t nearly as painful as last time! (So worth the pain, though. This isn’t a relaxation massage, this is actually digging into the knots and getting rid of them! My recovery time was only hours instead of the 2 days it took after my first time. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area you should hit him up, he makes house calls! And just messaged me to check in as I was writing this post, lol.)



Anyway, to make room for this I had to rearrange furniture in the living room and… oh my. All the floor space! Eventually I’ll have to put the coffee table back but Sunday afternoon I went ahead with a project I’ve been putting off.

I get a lot of photo prints for “free” from my friend Mckay at I Must Be Dead Photography because I really like his work so I donate to his Burning Man fund and then I also pitched in to help him replace the camera that got all fucked up from playa dust when he took it to Burning Man (he’s talented, but perhaps not as smart as all that :P) so he does things like show up at my apartment with a box of photos and let me take whatever I want.

My only issue is that his prints come in sizes that are difficult to find frames for. So I bought some really, really cheap poster frames that are just a little big and am scrapbooking around the edges, lol.

IMG_20150531_170201For this one I figured red ribbon and a bunch of brightly colored paper butterflies would look good, right? Right.

I mostly like how it turned out. If I had slightly smaller butterflies and black for the background I think it would have looked better, but I’m still pretty pleased.

The really cheap frame is the part I don’t like, but it’s what I could afford. And it’s not like anyone is really going to look at that part when there’s a pretty girl eating bugs right there.

Other things I’ve made lately include an incredibly cool tutu made from caution tape that a hasher I know bought from me that day, a bunch of scrunchies because I can’t help that I grew up in the 90s and then now I’ve decided that what I should do with all that yarn I have is make tons of jellyfish. Because I can.

InstagramHopefully I will have many more photos to share soon! In the meantime, you can always follow me on Instagram since I’ll be posting pics there before they make it into a post. The button there will take you to my feed.

So… this is happening

I’ve made the decision to shut down my business.

After 15 years of not really making anything of it – of not having the time or resources to really dedicate myself to it – it seems like time to let it go. At least for now.


Skirt! Yay!

Skirt! Yay!

Of course… that means a lot more time and energy to use on making things that I want to make instead of things I think will sell. And a lot more time to make things for myself!

I’m probably going to look like a kindergarten teacher, lol.

Another factor that went into my decision is my current physical state. By day I’m a data entry monkey and the current project I’ve been given is putting a lot of strain on my hands due to the complicated and fucking ridiculously unnecessary keyboard shortcuts (like having to press ctrl+alt+shift and right click to choose “copy” from one of the programs… wtf?)  In addition to my hands being mangled 5 days a week I’ve also started having more severe back problems than the norm, including shiny new back spasms. All this pain, plus the exhaustion that comes with the pain, makes me dread trying to work on something even when I start feeling desperate for something to do.

So many tutus!

So many tutus!

Anyway, I’m planning to continue to use this blog to show off the stuff I do, and my Instagram is a lot more convenient to post to, so check that out as well!

I’ve got a bag of partially finished scrunchies I’ve made (they don’t hold as securely as regular hair ties, but so much less hair breakage!) that I’m going to attempt to work on now. Hopefully I’ll have lots of pics of them soon. In the meantime, please enjoy these tutus I sold at a recent hash.

And more than a month later…

I finally post again!

At least I’ve been working on stuff?

I had a show on Valentines Day at which I sold exactly nothing. So that was fun.

More unicorn hats have been made. Two have been sold, two have not. I need to put together the listings and shit.

I vacillate between wanting to just shut down my business and read all the time like I used to before and wanting to really get serious about this shit. Right now I’m in serious mode, lol. I even bought a book from my FB friend Luca at Creative Enabler because I could honestly use some help getting my shit together to do this.

I’m trying to decide if I want to invest my tax refund in my business or if that’s useless (considering I made – according to the calculators on Turbotax – $2 off it last year) and I should just save it. Currently I’m just compiling a list of stuff I think would be awesome to have. Then I’ll have to identify the difference between the few things that are worth the initial outlay because they’re likely to pay off and the things that I should only worry about once that payoff actually happens.

Anyway, I’m tired and I need to put my unicorn hats up on my Etsy. Or maybe open them up for sale on my Facebook page?

Money is good, but holy crap my hands are starting to hurt.

I decided that whatever money I make in sales by Thursday I’m going to spend on a dress for the very fancy party I’m going to on Friday. So buy stuff! I took the 4 I made for my friend Polly to her today, and I also got paid for that Cards hat plus 3 sales so I’ll probably have enough to get my nails did, too, lol.

I got lazy with the links at the end there, but I need sleep. Whee.

Wow, I’m overdue for an update.

Things have been kind of busy lately in terms of custom orders, so I haven’t been getting through my list. That plus so many things selling since my last post (yay!) and so many ideas for more stuff I want to do (more yay!) and it’s getting longer instead of shorter.

Anyway, I removed the 10 oldest ones and here’s where it stands now:

Yeah, so you can see I’ve got a lot I want to get done, and only really a few days to put things up before the Xmas shopping season ends. On the other hand, people who got cash…

Also, woot! Just made a sale! Second one since I got home from work, third since I went to the post office yesterday. I love that my Etsy app makes a ch-ching! sound when someone buys a thing. It was the solid purple that is now on the bottom of the list. 😀


I finally did the Luna hat! You’ll notice that it’s now at the top of the list, because the list has gotten so long that I’ve decided to start removing the oldest items. You can, of course, look at previous posts to see how much was on there before.

Hooray for getting shit done! I’ve got a black hat that I almost finished at work today (it’ll be on there next update) and then I suppose in the morning I’ll do one more that’s already photographed for the shop before I take care of at least the custom order I said I’d get done before I see him Monday. Then… who the hell knows? Since I’m having to work on a pattern for the Sailor Mercury one (needs the symbol) I’ve been doing other pixel art type stuff and I might want to add those on… but I’ve already got so much planned! Plus it’s holiday party season and I’ve got at least one formal event to go to (skipping Santarchy this weekend, though – I can get just as trashed at home and don’t need a Santa suit for it!) so it would be tough to work in… Well. We’ll see what I can do. Guess it’ll depend on how much of my social life I’m willing to sacrifice for money. (As long as I’m getting laid I’m sure I’ll be fine.)