I hate being my own model.

I took photos of the scarves using my dress form but… it honestly doesn’t look as good as they do on a person. But I don’t have a person. So I’ll have to be in them myself but it’s so awful doing that! And I refuse to do it when there are other people around so I can’t get it done today.

Got some of my hats, though. They’re pretty cool, and available in my ColorKittens shop!


I finally got photos of my skirts!

Seriously, I need to find more people to model my stuff. Anyone? Anyone?

I’m lazy

I am seriously not doing anything useful lately. But I did get some really cool shit printed up a while back that I think it’s time to share.

Because I had so much fun with my period announcements I decided to expand my line of slutty greeting cards to include the morning after note pictured on the right. Very simple and classy in the design, easy to figure out how to use it, and nice for when you need to get the hell out of there.

Probably it’ll be the same situation as with the period announcements where nobody will buy them or even favorite them on Etsy… but lots of people will look.

Now here is one of my favorite projects ever! An informational booklet like the ones you can find in any doctor’s waiting room this brochure gives a list of symptoms to watch out for as well as some information about the condition itself.

It wasn’t a solo effort putting this together though! The photo – as well as others I may incorporate into future versions – was taken by my friend Lisa, whose photography I have posted about before. The model is none other than her oldest son, Blake. Blake was kind enough to not only pose for douche-y pics but also provided many examples of douche-y behavior that were used in the content of this pamphlet.

I also got some thank you (post)cards made up for customers that have purchased from me multiple times. It comes with a coupon code good for free shipping from any of my shops. Which isn’t the best coupon out there, of course… but I still need to make some money, right?

There really does seem to be some sort of problem getting motivated lately. It’s not the first time something like this has happened though, so I know it’ll pass eventually. I’m just hoping for sooner rather than later, you know?

What was I thinking?

I’m going to make dog clothes.

Don’t get me wrong, Einstein is a good little guy and likes to play dress-up with his moms, but I’m going to be making dog clothes.

His moms are my friends that are going to model the new things I’m working on. Since I’m going to be using a couple of tropical prints I thought maybe a sweet little doggy in a Hawaiian shirt would complete the look.

So Einstein is coming over for our photo shoot and his pay will be getting to keep the sample garments, ha! I’ve got a shirt of his to get the measurements from and I’m looking at the patterns online to see what I need to be doing. But it’s always challenging to try things I’ve really never done before so I’m a little anxious about how this will all work out.

I did what now?

Guess who finally made those rompers?

I’m continuing to sell things, continuing to make things, etc. This should be the day I get my federal tax refund which is much needed to take care of some stuff.

I have confirmation from one of my friends that she’s willing to model stuff for me. She has also volunteered her sister so that’s pretty great too, haha. This weekend is Easter and next weekend I have to work on Saturday so it’ll be May before I can get this shoot done. In the meantime I have some things I can get pictures of wearing them myself.

Because I can, I’m taking this coming Monday and Tuesday off. 🙂 Hooray for long weekends! I plan to get much accomplished.