You know it’s a bad sign…

…when you go grocery shopping and all you pick up is chicken soup, orange juice, and ginger ale. 

Totally forgot to restock the cough drops, though. Luckily I have a stupid boyfriend who appears to be upset that I’m hogging all the illness and is coming over to make me share.  He better remember the cough drops or I’m sending him home.


Hobos totally had $15,000 weddings.

The fact that these assholes are trying to defend their choice is disheartening.

The fact that other assholes are defending them as well makes me want to cry.

The featured article on Etsy.

The asshat groom. Also here.

And the blushing bitch bride.

I’ve been poor. I have had to go get my groceries from a food bank. I have had to live with my parents so that I could afford to feed my child.

I am still poor. I donate to charity when I can and I am thankful that I don’t need anyone to donate to me right now.

Not cool.

Being at work at 5am is not my idea of a good Sunday.

However, it is month end and I work in billing and this is part of the gig. Another part of the gig is getting Friday off since we’re not authorized for overtime.

Three day weekend next weekend! It will all seem worth it by then. Not so much at 5am Sunday, though.

Rotting Intestines Chic?

ick!Holy crap, this thing is terrifying.

I’m a bit tempted to ask the creator which line it’s from: The Buffalo Bill collection maybe? Dahmer’s Edible Accessories?

This is so close to my childhood mental image of the lampshades made of human skin Ilse Koch supposedly had that I’m having trouble not vomiting. I mean this part seriously.

And it’s a shame because this chick actually makes some really nice things. And some horrific monstrosities that look like there’s a dying animal still on the ground watching her turn its body parts into fashionable wardrobe pieces.