Death of the Landicorn…

The stupid horn is broken. They didn’t pack it very well and sent it UPS. I’m PISSED.


Also, the Landicorn might have a scheduling conflict so he might not be at the party on Friday. While I am heartbroken, I am also sure that he’s going to end up wearing it somewhere, somewhen.

In other, less candylicious news: I’m trying to do some screen printing before Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure how well I’m going to do at getting stuff made up before the holiday, but I know that this particular t-shirt slogan (as well as the others I have lined up) will be great for Mother’s Day so no worries.

For now, though, I need to go look after the meatloaf I have in the oven. 🙂


Yay for gettin’ shit done!

Since I’m being brought a different shirt to use for sizing purposes on the top I’m making for my coworker I now have all these days off to work on my own projects!

I’m attempting to make a bajillion skirts. I might be able to get up to 5 new ones by the end of today.

There’s also a hopefully great idea that I had for printed t-shirts for the holidays. I’m waiting for the emulsion on the first screen to dry now.

One problem with having a lot of ideas is that follow through becomes incredibly difficult. I’ve never been great at time-management, so I’m really hoping that I don’t screw up here.  :/

Look what I can do!

I finally got myself to use the Yudu! It takes approximately for-freaking-ever to make a screen, but once it’s done the printing process is very easy. The screens cost an arm and a leg so I’m going to buy compatible ones online and see if they’re good enough to use.

Next test is printing on fabric. But it looks really good from my paper trial!

Catching up a little?

I really need to get a little more organized about what I’m doing.

I’m trying to put together a stash of hats for Hissyfits Hullabaloo in November, plus of course Christmas. I’m trying to use as much of the yarn I already have as possible.

I’d also really like to start screen printing. I’m not sure why I haven’t started doing it yet. Maybe I’m just afraid of screwing up the screens? Whatever my holdup is I need to get past it and get some shit done.

A bunch of stuff has been expiring in my shops (wtf? this shit is awesome) and has been relisted. I’m likely to put it on clearance soon.