Button Making

Back in 2007 I got a new toy: The Badge-A-Minit handpress!

Oh, it was glorious. I wracked the shit out of my hands with that thing. I’ve never in my life tried to scrapbook, but I love scrapbook paper and collect it like a weirdo. (If you look at all the photos of my kitty hats for the past few years, you’ll notice I have a lot of backgrounds. All scrapbook paper/cardstock.) Now I had some kind of use for that shit!

Pinback buttons/badges are friggin awesome. Custom ones are friggin-er awesome-er.

I bought some little alphabet stamps and started stamping random words that were small enough to fit on the 1.5″ buttons.

That wasn’t enough for me, though. No, I had to find a way to use more than one paper at a time!

I started using paper punches for cute shapes, but the leftover scraps had to be used, too. I loved using them as stripes or some sort of fake demented hatching.

I’m not much on collage (there are many art forms I am terrible at, so I say “that’s not my thing” or “I’m not really into that” to make it look like it’s disinterest instead of inability) but this was quick and dirty and didn’t really take much creativity.

These relied almost wholly on a rudimentary sense of color and composition, and I can fake those things!

I’m also really into instant gratification, so this was awesome for me.

While I hadn’t heard the term “upcycling” yet, I managed to do it. I can’t afford to do it anymore, but I used to bulk order decent tea from Stash.  So I had catalogues. And these were born:

I still have #18.


I like cutting things up.

I actually found something useful and interesting in my Facebook feed. It happens occasionally as I have some crafter networking going on there but this actually came from the Hobby Lobby fan page, which is kind of a shocker.

Most of these ideas look horrific. The kind of crap your grandma makes before her cataract surgery. I mean… those giant overblown roses on the shoulders of that one shirt? I can’t even laugh at that. It hurts me.

But there are some interesting ideas for using ruffles and that’s always good. I’ve been wanting to make Lolita “cutsews” for a while now and there are some things here that would work for embellishments.

What I’ve been up to this month:

One of the reasons I’ve failed to post for a couple weeks is that my BFF has just completed his first book and needed another set of eyes to go over it before he sends the manuscript for publishing.

As completely and deeply honored as I am to be trusted with helping him edit something he’s spent the past year working on, it’s been a little time consuming.

That’s not all I’ve been doing, though. I finally bought some handdyed yarn for making stuff for my hat shop.

I’ve also made and listed some new Lolita skirts in Bondage Tea as well as some new vaguely hippie skirts at Beth Sophia. But the thing I’m most proud of are my new announcement cards. I think they’re really rather clever, and I’m planning to make more in the same vein in the near future.

A real how-to from me. :D

Instead of links, this time I’m going to show you an actual tutorial on how to make an actual thing. But first, a long-winded and rather boring explanation! Lucky you!

I recently moved into an apartment after a few years renting a house with my long-time friend K. As we weren’t exactly planning to live together for the rest of our lives we didn’t really bother much with furniture, using hand-me-downs and cheap but serviceable things we wouldn’t be sad to get rid of when we finally grew up for real.

Upon sorting out who owned what it turned out that I have a couch and some shelves and that’s it for furniture in my living room. So I need to get a coffee table. The thing is they’re actually rather expensive. Even ugly ones. I don’t want to get some press-board piece of crap that I have to put together myself and will fall apart because I like to put my feet on things so that raises the price even more. I’m willing to shell out some money for a thing I will use every day but I’m broke.

In my new apartment we have a storage closet outside where I have stashed our broken-down boxes so I don’t have to find new ones when we inevitably have to pack up again. In order to maximize storage space I experimented with ways to put small things into large things and accidentally stumbled upon a way to turn cardboard boxes into sturdy little makeshift tables.

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